"Get Stronger, Live Longer"       
Chuck Maher, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

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Information for Clients

I have been in the fitness industry for years, training adult clients of all ages and conditions.  However, I specialize in working with older adults who may not be comfortable with younger, more demanding trainers. As an older trainer, the needs and issues of maturing baby-boomers are familiar to me.

Because of the importance of nutrition and flexibility/balance to clients, I have also supplemented my education with special certifications in these areas. As golf
is a common leisure activity for many in
South Florida, I offer special programs to enhance flexibility and core strength to maximize your swing, and nutrition advice
to allow you to furnish your body with the energy it needs for a day on the links.  

I also have experience with clients with arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and other common conditions associated with aging.  Clients train in the comfort of their own homes, using equipment which I provide, including stability balls, bands, free weights, as well as body-weight techniques which do not require any equipment.  I also incorporate any fitness equipment which the client may already own, or to which they have access.  


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